Principle Investigator
Seung Hwan Cho (조승환, 曺昇煥), Ph.D.

Associated Professor
Room #234, Department of Chemistry, POSTECH, San 31, Pohang, 37673, Rep. of Korea


Tel : +82-54-279-2340 (office),
         +82-54-279-8041 (Lab),
Fax : +82-54-279-3399


2006 – 2011     Ph.D. in Chemistry KAIST (Prof. Sukbok Chang)
2001 – 2005     B.S. in Chemistry KAIST

Professional Experiences (chemistry tree)
2018 – present         Associated Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, POSTECH
2014 – 2018             Assistant Professor Dept. of Chemistry, POSTECH
2012 – 2014             PostDoc at UC Berkeley (Prof. John F. Hartwig)
2011 – 2012             PostDoc at KAIST (Prof. Sukbok Chang)
2005 – 2006             Researcher at KAIST

Awards and Honors
2018    Young member of KAST (Y-KAST)                                            The Korean Academy of Science and Technology (KAST)
2018    ACP Lectureship Award                                                             Asian Core Program (Japan)  
2017    Thieme Journal Award                                                               Thieme (Synlett/Synthesis/Synfact)
2017    ACP Lectureship Award                                                             Asian Core Program (Hong Kong and Singapore)            
2017    Cheongam Science Fellowship for Young Investigator             Cheongam Foundation
2012    S-Oil Best Thesis Award                                                            The Korean Academy of Science and Technology (KAST), S-Oil
2012    Cheongam Science Fellowship for PostDoc                             Cheongam Foundation
2011    Best Ph.D. Thesis Award                                                           Korean Chemical Society (KCS)
2011    Best Ph.D. Thesis Award                                                           KAIST
2010    Thieme Synstar Award for Graduate Studnent                         Thieme (Synlett/Synthesis/Synfact)